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Tutoring Programs

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Korea University Peer Tutoring – Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)


KUPT consists of volunteer peer tutoring programs, in which academically successful students tutor younger students to help them with their course work.

A cooperative learning program in which the student receives help with their English or major course studies from a senior or a peer, rather than a professor

Center for Teaching and Learning



International Students Course Tutoring

This service not only helps international students to improve their abilities in English-mediated courses (EMCs), but also offers tutoring services in some subjects in which international students have difficulties. The program requirements and procedures are as follows.


▶ Areas

Open according to international students' needs


▶ Qualifications

Tutors: Undergraduate and graduate students (Those on leave of absence are also eligible)

Tutees: International students needing tutoring


▶ Procedures

Tutors: Those interested may apply via the CTL website, and will then be interviewed to determine eligibility.

Tutees: Students in need of tutoring may apply for tutoring.


▶ Tutor Requirements

Tutors must submit weekly activity reports.

Tutors must participate in the midterm meeting.

Tutors must conduct 16 hours of tutoring during the semester.


▶ Schedule

STEP 1 : Tutor and tutee applications

STEP 2 : Documentation and interview

STEP 3 : Tutors attend training session

STEP 4 : Orientation session for tutor and tutee

STEP 5 : Tutoring begins

STEP 6 : Midterm meeting for tutors

STEP 7 : Final report meeting for tutors