The College of Engineering at Korea University (Dean Kim Yong-chan) is focusing efforts to prepare preventive measures against emergencies such as fire during the winter season. In addition to inspecting all engineering facilities in accordance with the school’s safety management guidelines, the college has established a manual for responding to the COVID-19 emergency and requested the members’ proactive cooperation.


In the event of accidents or disasters such as finding confirmed cases of COVID-19, coming in close contact with a COVID-19 patient, having symptoms of COVID-19, or fire at labs, students must notify the state of emergency in the following ways:


1. If the first person to discover the situation is a faculty member, an undergraduate, or a graduate student, first inform matters to the respective department office.

2. Each department administrative office that received the report from the first discoverer shall promptly notify the current situation to the College of Engineering office.

3. After receiving the report, the College of Engineering office shall contact the General Affairs Department, Safety Management Team, Student Support Department, and Health Center to communicate the situation and cooperate to facilitate the headquarters' follow-up measures.


The College of Engineering office will continue to take extensive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and announce related safety manuals through channels such as the College of Engineering News. /College of Engineering News