Educational Mission

The mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to cultivate
Creative global IT leaders of the 21st century.

Educational Objectives

  • Knowledge

    To study diverse major-related content covering the entire field of IT and construct the theoretical foundation necessary for an IT professional.

  • Design

    To develop skills in order to apply theories to the design, implementation, and application of actual systems.

  • Research

    To discover new engineering problems and develop research capabilities in order to lead future innovations in technology.

  • Leadership

    To develop communication and management skills in order to take on community leadership roles.

  • Ethic

    To develop ethical thinking skills and a sense of responsibility in order to serve as social leaders.

Program Characteristics

  • The School of Electrical Engineering conducts research and educates its students on cutting edge practical learning that opens up the digital world in order to cultivate tomorrow’s leadership talent.
  • The school secures the latest equipment in order to educate students and supplement research in high-tech fields addressing both theory and experiments, in parallel, in order to cultivate technology professionals who will lead the next generation.
  • Through industrial-educational cooperation, the professors and students contribute to the community and strive to enhance the quality of life with technology by developing new technology, assisting new businesses, and providing technological support to small and medium-sized businesses.