Research Labs

Semiconductor and Nano Systems

반도체 및 나노 (Semiconductor and Nano Systems)
Laboratories Professors Websites Contacts
Display and Nanosystem Lab. Ju, Byeongkwon +82-2-3290-3671
Nano Device Lab. Kim, Gyu-Tae +82-2-3290-3801
Nanotronics Lab. Kim, Sangsig +82-2-3290-3909
Photonics and Optoelectronics Lab. Kim, Soo Jin +82-2-3290-3220
Advanced Semiconductor Lab. Kim, Taegeun +82-2-3290-3255
Nanoelectronics Lab. Lee, Cheol Jin +82-2-3290-3787
Microelectronics, Nano, and Microsystem Lab. Pak, James Jungho +82-2-3290-3238
Organic Nano Device Laboratory Shim, Jae Won +82-2-3290-3224
Advanced Nanoelectronics and Optoeletronics Lab. Yu, Hyun-Yong +82-2-3290-4830